UofTBlockfest is a student-focused hackathon being held with the purpose to teach participants the necessary skills to begin development on various blockchain ecosystems.

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$3,000 in prizes

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

BUNZ Prize

1) Jordan is graduating and uses the BUNZ App to trade his bike.
2) Casey is in her 1st year on campus and needs a new bike.
3) Casey realizes that she has BTZ a cryptocurrency on the BUNZ App.
4) Casey and Jordan agree to trade his bike for her 100BTZ.
5) Casey sends Jordan 100 BTZ. The transaction is completed and Casey now owns a bike!

When Casey goes home she discovers that the brakes on the bike are broken!!! Jordan does not agree that the brakes were in bad condition when he delivered the bike to Casey

Devise an Ethereum smart contract that can be used to help Casey and Jordan resolve their dispute. The winning solution will provide a dispute resolution solution that can bind Casey and Jordan to the decision of your smart contract.

TODA.network Prize

The TODA challenge is simple: present your business solution that requires a permissionless blockchain that can scale without comprimising security, efficiency or confidentiality. How SECSI is your blockchain use case?

1. Choose (a) an existing product using blockchain technology or (b) an original product of your design

2. Outline why your solution cannot be solved by anything else (governance, transaction costs, required tps, confidentiality) and why it requires decentralized consensus to run

3. Make a demo (webapp, mobile app) or slide presentation of your product
You will get the chance to develop your product with the Toda.Network team and bring it to marke

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Toufi Saliba

Toufi Saliba
CEO at TODA.network

Dann Toliver

Dann Toliver
CTO at TODA.network

Frederico Nassire

Frederico Nassire
Co-Founder and CSO at Shyft Network

John S. Lee

John S. Lee
Blockchain Lead and Head of Research at BUNZ

Judging Criteria

  • Practicality
    How would this project look in the real world outside of the blockchain community
  • WOW factor
    Has this project exceed expectations based on time, technicality, etc.
  • Other
    Other criteria depending on what was built e.g. UX/UI, research significance,etc

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